ALF 2016 - part 1 - videos

If you don’t like the weather in Trondheim, wait ten minutes

This past weekend I was at ALF in Trondheim, or T-town as I like to call it. ALF (Another Lindy hop Festival) is a medium sized lindy hop workshop weekend in the middle of Norway. T-town is known for its weather. All of it. At the same time. I'm not kidding. I am proudly told by locals that the saying to go by is: "If you don't like the weather in Trondheim, wait ten minutes."

ALF 2016 - Jack & Jill Final Spotlights

I have been to T-town before and have been quite lucky with the weather. This time the stereotype held true. We had cloudy weather, clear weather, sunshine, rain, hail, wind, and calm. That was just the first day. In the end the weather didn't put a damper on our spirits because the festival was great.

The T-town dancers are a friendly lot who are dedicated to creating an easygoing atmosphere and bringing a high level of quality to the event. ALF included a band at each of the Friday and Saturday evening parties, some great DJs, a Jack & Jill competition, and performances from their show group as well as the teachers. Yes I was one of the DJs and I'm not afraid to say that I love the music that I play for dancers. :P

ALF 2016 - Trondheim Show Group Performance

The local show group performed to 'Twenty Four Robbers' and I really liked the concept of the choreography. It featured Nicolay trying to get some rest (probably much needed as he was one of the main organizers for ALF) and being distracted by twenty four robbers. No I did not count them but there were enough of them that I'm going to believe it was twenty four :P

The teachers this weekend were Audun & Charlotte from Norway, Gosia & Kuno from Copenhagen, and Ron & Sharon from Israel. I felt the choice of teachers worked well for this event as they really cared and tried to connect to the event and the participants. This sounds like it should be a given but unfortunately this is not always the case. When it does happen though I really think everyone appreciates it and the event is much better. It always helps when they can show off some amazing dancing in their performance!

ALF 2016 - Teachers Performance

As the title implies this is only part one of my ALF coverage. I also took photos and will post them soon. In the meantime you can watch all 6 of the videos I took on my YouTube channel, check the ALF site, and check out the teacher's websites. Leave a comment below if you also want me to write about my DJing experience at ALF with song choice, playlist, thoughts I had during the evening and some info on the other DJs.

My ALF playlist - YouTube link to all my videos from ALF - website for ALF - website for Audun and Charlotte - website for Gosia and Kuno - website for Ron and Sharon