A look ahead and of course Moose Blues!

Dramatic Bow Tie - [200mm f8 1/160 iso100]

Short post today. Moose Blues is full steam ahead and can't stop now! Preparations are almost complete and we are excited!

Here a picture I took of the extreemly limited edition hand made bow ties! Unn Elise (@esilennu on instagram) is a costume maker and works at Den Norske Opera & Ballet. She works in the men's department on the coolest stuff and is quite good. I will do another blog post on her in the future to show you guys some of the stuff she does.

The lighting was actually very simple. I had just one flash with a grid about half a meter from my face pointed down at me. The bare flash makes the shadows very hard and adds a lot of drama to the photo. This lighting scheme is called loop lighting. It was taken with my 70-200 on my 6D.

Tap Shim Sham - [70mm f4 1/200 iso6400]

Tap Shim Sham - [70mm f4 1/200 iso6400]

Last week I attended an end of season tap concert for At Tickle Toes, the tap dance school I go to. I will have many more photos up as soon as Moose is over and I have time to sort and edit them.

I like this photo because tap dancers are so dynamic and this photo shows it off very well. It is at the end of the show and they are dancing the classic tap shim sham. This is one of the most famous routines in American vernacular dances and I love it because of it's versatile structure.

Last week was also my favorite day in Norway: 17 mai or Grunnlovsdagen. This day is celebrated because it is the day that Norway got it's constitution in 1814 and it was a huge step towards eventual independence (1905 I think). This day is my favorite because it's filled with people being happy and celebrating on the streets. Everyone is in a great mood and the atmosphere is amazing. The best part though are the bunader. These traditionally inspired garments are worn by everyone who owns them and each person has a connection to the style of garment because every little town or valley has it's own bunad. The colors, the embroidery, the style, the accessories, and even the jewellery all identify the bunad as coming from a specific area.

One of the most important things you can do on the 17th is go get ice cream with friends. Here we were getting ice cream after a social dance in Frognerparken (yes they did dance in their traditional costumes). Other traditions include champagne breakfasts with friends and BBQs with friends in the evening. Watching the parades is also always fun but my favorite is still bunad watching.

Bunads and Ice Cream - [100mm f4 1/400 iso100]

If you would like me to go deeper into the shim sham then leave a comment below as there are a lot of different variations and a lot of fun history.

I will see you all again after Moose Blues!!!

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