The tale of Daire and the Lens Hood

Spying on Daire - [24mm f4 1/15 iso100]

Spring has finally started to take a hold on Oslo and it's great. All the parks are full of people enjoying themselves, BBQing, and there are flowers everywhere so it's a treat to walk around town. I thought this would be a great opportunity to finally go and see the botanical gardens.

I went with my brother Daire and took the time to shoot some portraits. There are a couple I like but I especially like this one. The 'spy-glass' effect is actually created in camera by just using what I had with me. I bought a second hand Canon 24-85 f3.5-4.5 that is not manufactured anymore and it did not come with a lens hood. I find this annoying, not because the hood helps keep out lens fair etc but mainly for two practical reasons. The first is that if my camera is hanging at my side I would much rater have my hood bump into things than my lens. Secondly when grabbing my camera there is a much lower chance that I touch the front of the lens if I have a hood. That means that I can grab my camera faster because I don't have to worry about the orientation it is hanging at and can blindly go for it.

Seeing as the front element of the new lens has a similar size to another lens I had I tried the hood for that one and it fit! The only remaining issue is that the hood was built for a 70-200 and at 24mm you see mostly lens hood. In this case I really like the effect it creates and you can see the light distortion around the edges of the hood. I think that this would be really hard to do in post production so I'm happy I don't have to try :P

If you have other things that would create great effects in camera then leave a comment below and I'll try them :)

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